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We help aviation companies transition to online training and learning management so they can focus on providing consistent, safe, expert service. We also like a good craft beer, a smooth whiskey, and flavorful cuisines.

Don Roberts, Sean Friese, and Karla Roberts
at Orlando Melbourne International Airport

Motive Learning's Leadership Team

  • Don Roberts, MotiveLMS Product Manager
  • Sean Friese, Chief Technologist
  • Karla Roberts, Instructional Designer

Motive Learning is trusted by airports, FBOs, and other aviation service providers.

These organizations require employees with specialized skills. Training programs need to be flexible and convenient. Our software and services help them develop and deliver custom interactive eLearning solutions.

Motive Learning is backed by over 20 years of experience in the training and development industry to provide companies with the solution they need to adhere to stringent regulations for performance and safety. We’ve built our company’s reputation on being flexible, responsive, and dedicated to your training success.


Mission Statement

Our mission at Motive Learning is to provide innovative and adaptive training tools, along with the best customer service, in our industry. In doing so, we will advance the knowledge and skills of our clients, help them achieve and retain required qualifications and improve their efficiencies, all while exceeding their expectations.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be leaders in the corporate and government training industry. We will attain an international reputation of providing superior products, programs and customer service, being responsive and responsible, and operating with exceptional degrees of ethics and integrity.


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